11 July 2011

DIY Day.

I have recently discovered the world of DIY fashion blogs!


some of these girls are amazing!

Today I under took my first DIY (For the blog anyways)

I have done a few bits and bobs here and there

I made my own silk maxi skirt and it was amazingly easy!

I shall post photos later as I am going to wear it out tonight

I am so proud of myself!

This is the blog that started it all :)

This blog has instantly become a favourite

These girls are gorgeous!

(Click on the photos to go to Blogs!)

My next project is this amazing clutch bag!

I can't start it till next month when I can order supplies
but I am so so so excited about this one!

The DIYs on this blog are amazing and I know I will be stealing a few more ideas :D


And finally!

I seen these a while ago and hunted the shops like a mad man!

So I plan to make them for winter and my aunt is going to teach me how to knit!

Who said knitting was uncool?

Ahhhh I am too excited today!

Its been a few days of loveeeeeeeee!

Ryan and Kristy's Engagement Party was amazing!

I cried the whole night!

They are so perfect for one another!

Then yesterday I found out my friend is expecting her first bambino :D



Everyone have an AMAZING day :)

Paula .. x