20 July 2011

Ghetto Girl.

Last night I just went a little trip to the cinema!

I'm just relaxing until Thursday as its Alan's birthday :)

and I'm still doing mega hours at work!

Just some quick snaps of what I wore!

I am currently dying my hair as its a little lighter than my extensions
so hopefully after this they will match up!

... or my hair will fall out ...

anyways that's why I had the front of my hair tied back

and it made me laugh because its looked a bit ghetto!

so I kind of styled up the rest of my look around that!

not a look I do often I must say, but hey that's fashion!

I like to do different things!

Top Vintage (Frank Usher)

Jeans H&M

Necklace Primark

Earrings Internacionale

Tonight Alan and I just sat in and he taught me how to play poker!

I'm playing with the boys tomorrow night so lets hope beginners luck strikes

because I'm skint!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x