23 July 2011

Green Jeans? Really?

Oh its so so so late!

I finished work hours ago and all I have done is catch up on blogs and enjoy SATC2!

oh how I wish I could laze about the house all day in Dior and 9inch Louboutins!

Yesterday was Alan's Birthday and it was a nice day!

We spent the day with my family as it was my little cousins birthday too!

for which I wore this!

Are green jeans acceptable?

I don't know but I love them!

Jeans Primark

Jumper New Look

Shoes New Look

Necklace Primark

Jacket Zara

Bag Ebay

After a day with 10 screaming kids we went to a beautiful restaurant for dinner

which was lovely! until the waitress decided to disappear!

such a shame a beautiful night was ruined by bad service!

but Alan still had a good day which is the important thing!

I got him an Xbox in case anyone was wondering ... I may not see him for a while!

Dress New Look

Jacket Zara

Necklace New Look

Bag Ebay

Shoes New Look

Tomorrow its my mums birthday so another family day :)

Thank god July is almost over!

what with my mum/sister/boyfriend/cousin/best friend/other close friends birthdays all in July!!!

I'm lucky not to be living on nothing but bread!

Thank god for pay day!!

I move out in 8 weeks or so

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Scary stuff!

I'm excited but scared too I have to start some major saving ...

now how can I do that without spending a million hours in that damn cinema!

Hmmmmm ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

P.S. I have finally fixed my comments
so I can now reply to all the lovely comments I have been getting!
Thank you so much guys you are all so sweet and I'm super grateful!