26 July 2011

Grey Tulips.

Ahhh yet another cancelled shift today :)

I am going to have no money in August!

but ho wants to work the only 3 days of the year Scotland gets sunshine?

Today I went for lunch with my friend Claire from school

I haven't seen her in ages so we had a great little picnic!

Well, we ate subways in the sun

It was good :)

I love this Tulip skirt! Its so flattering and feminine

I'm not a fan of light grey though so sometimes I don't know what to wear it with!

I also don't like my hair like this as I don't like my forehead
it's big and my face just looks better with a fringe

but I couldn't find any dry shampoo today so I had to put it back

I am really starting to like my hair like this too :)
I've got so many complements on it but I might buy some more blonde extensions just to lighten it up a little!

I will definitely go back to blonde eventually though :)

Top Vintage

Skirt New Look

Necklace Topman

Ring Topman

Alan is in England for the day today

so I'm spending my boyfriend free day preparing Uni stuff :)

and looking up prices for a little trip to London

there I go spending more money!!

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x