4 July 2011

Hitch Hiking Trains.

So yesterday Alan and I had a picnic

he tried to surprise me but being the pain in the ass I am,
 he had to let me in on the secret before I would go

It was a lovely day and today was absolutely glorious!

I hope tomorrow is the same! 

Such a bad photo, but it made me laugh :)

Perhaps the fact I was having a picnic inspired me to wear my vintage shirt!

But most of all I wanted to be comfortable as I would be sitting in the park all day :)


I simply teamed my shirt with my jeans as it was a casual look but perhaps picnic chic?

I seem to do that a lot ...

Going to the zoo = Safari themed clothes

Baking Cakes = 50s Housewife themed outfit

Out with the boys = Butch clothing


I don't mean to do it perhaps I just dress for the occasion
because I don't have any particualr style

These teeny tiny wedges are from Tammy,

Does anyone remember Tammy?

Ha ha it was the Topshop of my childhood :D

I have had them for years and years, but they cut into my feet badly :(

I chose them because I found them hidden away and though they looked summery without looking stupid for wearing sky scrapers in the summer

Maybe that's why wedges were invented...


Shirt Vintage

Jeans Vintage

Belt Primark

Wedges Tammy :)

Ring Market Stall in Glasgow

Bracelet (Necklace) Primark

Sunglasses Primark

This is what Alan wore, and we have been fighting about these shorts ever since!

Whats your opinion :P

This is the last post with my BLONDE hair :)

Today - on a complete whim, 2 hours before work - I decided to dye my hair

Photos tomorrow ;)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x