27 July 2011

Alans New Camera.

So today, yet again I went home after only 3 hours at work!

But I'm working 12 - 10 shifts from now till Sunday!

So I will make up my hours :)

Alan and I went for a day in the park

and he wanted to take out his new camera!

He got a Canon 550D

Its amazing!

but I still love my little Nikon :)

Lots of different shots today!

Alan took loads but these were some of my favourites :)

It was like 24 degrees today and everyone was looking at me for wearing leather

but I'm always cold!!

Again my hair is in a middle shed as I didn't have time to re wash it
but I do love this 70s inspired doo!

Despite my forehead being about a foot long!

I chose this dress to keep cool but casual for walking around all day

and I added my faux leather blazer to avoid it looking to nautical
which I don't like

Dress Topshop

Blazer Zara

Sunglasses Primark

Necklace Topman

Bracelet H&M

Bag Primark

Aww they love each other :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x