18 July 2011


Remember I was going for a meal with Alan's family

... well ...

it was actually a surprise graduation party!

My little genius Graduated with a Masters Degree in Mathematics!
(with distinction AND he is the first person in his university to get it for Maths)

Told you, Genius :)

This was the only full length photo I was able to get of my dress :(

which I put on when getting ready and just felt something wasn't right!

It wasn't until I added the belt that I felt much more comfortable!

Dress Peacocks

Belt Primark

Bag Primark

Rings Edinburgh Dungeons & Internacionale

Shoes Barratts

So as many of you are well aware, Harry Potter 7 (PT 2) was released

so I have spend the last few days in this type of attire ...

So the film? ...

I have to say I am so disappointed!

I've followed the films after failing on 3 attempts to read the books!

sorry JK I just couldn't get into them!

I have to be instantly hooked otherwise I won't finish!


I can't believe the final film was only 2 1/2 hours long!

I mean come on!!!!

Why skimp on the final film!

I went in fully expecting a good cry!!! NOTHING!

I would have loved to see the deaths of all the characters
I feel they were cheated in a farewell :(

Eugh! I can't go in to too much detail until everyone has seen it!

I am currently enjoying The Chamber of Secrets!

and working my way through and then I will give it a 2nd chance!

Maybe I was so excited that I didn't properly concentrate
on what was happening in the film!

This is my latest DIY :D

I finally have a leather skirt that FITS!

and my vintage one that cost me a small fortune will be making its way to EBay soon!

Today I had busy busy day off :)

first I went shopping with my sister (Which we have never done before!)

Then I went to Nando's with some friends!

Best day! :D ... but back to the reality of work and HP7 tomorrow :(

I love this simple look and I think I always love the LA beach look!

Long hair, baggy tops and hats with lots of dangle jewellery!

Very Ivy <3 (90210)

Top Topshop

Jeans H&M

Hat River Island

Necklace Primark

This was today's purchases!

after a tough week at work
I have treated myself to this adorable little red new look bag!

Which I have looked at loads and just decided to go for it!

I'll make sure I use it at some point!

My jumper I already have in brown and absolutely love it!

(Seen Before)

and getting it in this cute pink colour meant I couldn't resist it!

You can't really see my dress but I finally got it!
after searching every River Island in Scotland!

and its a 6!


Next I am getting the little black one :D

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x