9 July 2011

Todays Shopping Spree.

Yesterday I can safely say I had a spree

or more like a shopping frenzy!

I went shopping in Glasgow for Alan's birthday presents

and spent my ENTIRE months wages!


I had so many bags I had to get the train conductor
 to help me through those little gates on the train lol

The shame!

But it will all be worth it to see Alan's wee smiley face :)

This is what  wore and excuse the crap photos!

My friend Cal and  I went for dinner and since it was nice we sat outside

not something you get to do often here ... and as usual, the heavens opened!

so we thought this was hilarious and when I went to take a photo
my camera had ran out of battery!

This is why I have these stupid photos

otherwise I would have taken some in Glasgow

I much prefer outdoor shots!

I do love this dress

The colour is gorgeous and the blue and pink work so well!

Dark blue is becoming a new favourite colour
as I haven't taken my blue nail polish off for days :)

Dress Topshop

Boots Primark

Jewellery Dorothy Perkins

These were the bits and bobs I bought for myself :)

Ahh I love the sales! <3

I was sooo sooo sooo happy to get my floppy hats from river island

I got them for £5 each which was amazing as I refuse to pay some of the ridiculous prices!

and my panda hat is something I've been after for months after my sister got one!

I know the whole animal hats this is over, but i don't care
its cute!

This top is my favourite purchase of the day!

It was cal who picked  it up for me, and at first I put it back because of the price
but then when I walked away I immediately ran back to try it on

you could call it love at first sight!

This coat is non returnable, which sucks!
 because now I need the money I spent more than the coat

ahh buyers remorse!

I will just have to make sure I wear it loads :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x