25 August 2011

Big Metal Flowers.

As soon as I get paid I'm planning to get a trim

wondering if I should get a kind of seventies fringe, or a full fringe and just part it?
or should I just keep styling it like this?
I'm not sure how I feel about it
I will keep styling it like this and see if I get used to it

also still wanting to return to blonde ASAP!

I've had this top litterally for years, and I actually tought I had threw it out
but finding it in the wardrobe I really liked the autumn colours so decided to team it up with my maxi for an outfit that I think is good for this transition period, not quite summery but not to autmny and out of place either.

I think everyone struggles with this Summer to Autumn transition each year.

but this year I am embracing it rather than dredding it!

I can't wait for Autumn!

Top Peacocks

Skirt Primark

Belt Primark

Rings Primark

Earrings Topshop

I got a little blog snap of Alan in his new jumper

its very Christmassy, but I think the colour will work well in his winter wardrobe!

he then questioned as to what a winter wardrobe is, why he would need one and just general questions of someone who doesn't really care :)


Also yesterday I headed over to my friends for dinner
which then turned into a gorgeous 3 course Mexican feast, and 3 empty bottles of wine
its lovely to get a night in with the girls and let off some steam!

Tomorrow I don't have any plans
but I will get up and dressed and not have a lazy day :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x