17 August 2011

Autumn Anticipation.

Not a lot to report today

Again I've been working and working
BUT the Scottish schools are back now wich means I'm back to 3 shifts a week until I leave :)

These were just some bits and bops I picked up yesterday

Returning my Models Own Pen tomorow though as I think its faulty

I am getting so excited about the high street autumn/winter colections

I'm goin to be so prepared for winter this year

River Island has an amazing collection this year

I'm so excited for pay day where I'm going to go river island mad!!!

Fox River Island

Poncho River Island

Shirt New Look

This Fox is amazing! I wanted a stole ages ago but, dicided against it, so this is a very cute cruelty free alternative! I am however going to see if I can find a cheaper one on Ebay first.
I will report back!

This is the same scalloped shirt everyone has been droooooling over!
But I seen the pink version in New Look and I have one very similar that I like
so decided I liked this one better.
This is more me, I look better in red.  

I would quite like a white version of it though because it would go with everything so lets hope I find one.

This is also from River Island. but again on a budget I'm not paying £6 for a hair band!

However I have some fabric left over from my leather skirt so I bought a blue wire headband from primark and I am just going to DIY my own :)

RI: £6
DIY: £2

Tomorow I am so excited about!

Trip to a museum and then town!

Then Nando's <3

Then Who knows :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x