25 August 2011

Cycle Shorts.

Trying a different shed in my hair again today

I think I prefer this to yesterdays

I'll still try more though, I think the problem is my forehead, its quite huge!

I had about 10 outfits on today before I chose this!!

I'm happy with the choice as I love my cycle shorts and this top is a lovely fabric so is comfy to sit around in all day
It was sunny today but I didn't want to go out all floral and summery in case the weather changed, so this along with my leather jacket was a happy medium

We had a big family day as my cousins are up from England, so I had to be comfortable while running around with 3 dogs and 6 kids!

I love family days like this, I'll really miss it when I leave

My aunt just made a huge huge pot of pasta and everyone just dug in
but it was funny as myself and two cousins (Who are in our 20s and 30s) still got put at the kids table!

Top Urban Outfitters

Shorts Primark

Earrings Tammy

Shoes River Island

I picked up these earring today while helping my mum look at home ware stuff

I used to shop in Tammy when I was a kid
I was so chuffed when I got all these  earrings for 50p each!

Its 3 weeks yesterday till I leave!

Still nothing is done, or packed or organised!

I suck!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x