19 August 2011

World War Z.

Had a lovely day today!

Started off with a trip to the museum!

Then some shopping!

Then chilled out with Brad Pitt in Philly!

Then dinner at Nando's <3
(Which  we have just eaten in bed as wee took our half chicken home in a doggy bag :D)

Then home to watch "13 going on 30"
Alan loved it!

These pictures are really silly because of my eyes

The one day Scotland has sun I left my shades in the house because "What are the chances of sun"


Also getting a hair cut as soon as I get paid!
My fringe (or comb over) is disgusting
think im going to go for a 70s style ;)

This top is an old favourite that I've had for years!

I just threw it on because I was running late for the train

 Sorry guys but most of the time I just throw on whats there because I have no time to think about what to wear, boring!

I did add the blue cross with pink nails for a bit of contrasting colour though as I was wearing a lot of black

Top TK Maxx

Skirt Primark

Scarf Alexander McQueen

Necklace Topman

Ring Topman

I did a bad thing, and went shopping!

It all has to go back cause I can't afford any of it :'(

The skirt was an impulse buy that when I tried on it fits like a dream, and I really think I could wear it a lot over winter even though its a bright colour
My colours for winter will be, Mustard, Red, Burgundy, Navy, Grey and Black

Then I got this "My Little Pony" Tee, and I was so excited because I had been out bid on EBay for a vintage one a few days ago and was sooo gutted!

The white shirt was a surprise buy, I had been planning on getting one from Topshop, but I'm sorry £36 for something that will get wrecked after 3 washes!!! Topshop, bugger off! So this one is from H&M and I will commend H&M for their excellent quality till I'm blue in the face.

The nude shirt, I have been obsessing over since I seen it the other day. I chose it over the Red scalloped on as I was on a strict budget (That went out the bloody window) so I mayyy get the red on later, although to be honest I will probably just wait for it to go on sale now.

This jacket is my favourite pick of the day, I've been looking at it for ages, but primark jackets are always so big that I avoided it, but today I tried it on and it fit really well ... that always happens when your skint eh?

These are just some snaps from the day

and we couldn't resist going to see the set of Brad Pitts new movie "World War Z"
being filmed in the city center!
Its so cool!
I can't wait to see the movie and be like "ahhh that's my route to college!"
Lol ... Loser... :(

I hope I don't see Angelina though ...

The Inbetweeners has been mental at work this week apparently!
So enjoy it if your going to see it! its brilliant!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x