8 August 2011

Hair Extensions 101.

So as you may all be well aware, I wear hair extensions

Shock horror I know!

No most people don't like them

they get a bad wrap because the majority of people don't wear them properly!

So I got to thinking!

Most bloggers will write reviews on beauty products and cosmetics!

Which I can't tell you about, I'm not interested in  make up, never have been.

My sister is the total opposite, she buys tons and is forever experimenting, maybe I'm just lazy but I have my make up routine down to a T, and I just stick to it!

What I can talk about however is hair extensions :)

Let me first of all fill you in on how this obsession started!

This is my at 15, long hair past my chest, quite thin and a lot flatter than how I prefer it now, but I loved it!

After many many many fights with my mum about getting my hair cut I finally went to the hair dressers

I spoke to the woman and I told her I wanted a TRIM!
no more than 2 inches to be taken off

Well, I left with my hair at my shoulders, which means she removed about 6/7 inches!

Needless to say I was devastated, I cried for days and days!

This was about the same time that clip in hair extensions were being introduced and my mum took me to buy some the next week.

I've worn them ever since!

This was my hair at 18

Which I loved for about a month then the extensions went straight back in!

and I've been trying to grow it since then

but its going at a snails pace!

and this is the current length of my hair

Its still wayyyyyy too short for my liking

Every now and then I will do some hair posts
showing everyone what I have learned about hair extensions

The Basics
The Side Effects
Types of Hair

Etc Etc ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x