5 August 2011

I Want Want Want.

Today I haven't done much

had a rubbish shift at work, had a customer say to me:

"This popcorn isn't warm enough, I'm afraid he can't eat cold popcorn"
(He being a 6 year old screaming child)
Get to F**K you stupid brat!

I really really hate people sometimes!

I especially hate bratty kids and lazy parents who give in to their every demand
because they are too lazy to tell them NO!

Sorry, rant over!

Tomorrow I think Alan and I are going to go to the cinema since he is working at 6 and I have a day off

mmmmmmmmmm, Nachos <3

After that I will be putting things on my new BLOG SHOP :)

Spent my time before work today setting up some new pages

check them out :)

I love "About Me" pages on blogs!
Gives more of an incite into the person you are reading about

The aim of the blog shop it to raise some spending money for the items below

I'm starting to shop for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!

I'm thinking:
  • A lot of black (No idea why I like the idea of all black, unusual for me)
  • Lots of faux fur (As like every winter)
  • Lots of floppy hats (They look better than bobble hats)
  • Lots of dark maxis with ankle boots (Not just a summer trend)
  • and of course some hunter wellies (Because it will definitely snow)
I'm thinking Blue AND Pink :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

P.S. Been checking out all the LOOK competition entiries
and have followed a few new blogs! Its so exciting :)

Good Luck to everyone entering!