6 August 2011

LA Beach, Again.

Today, and the rest of the week ... will be filled with work

I am going to be so rich in September!

Still not rich enough for a holibag though :(


Once again another LA beach look :)

I would just be repeating myself from the other times I have this look

its simple!

  1. Baggy top
  2. Tight Jeans (or tiny shorts)
  3. Wavy hair 
  4. and a hat 

Easy, Simple and comfortable, but still stylish :)

Hat River Island

Top Topshop Basics

Jeggins New Look

Necklace Primark

Rings Edinburgh Dungeons & Topman

I am still obsessing with the LOOK Competition!

I have read every entry I have seen on Twitter and some of them are really really good

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE if I got the chance! but the competition is so fierce!

I'm so excited to see who wins! :D

Tomorrow I am in a 12 - 10 in work, so I will see you Monday :)

Gonna have a little nail experiment before bed :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x