14 August 2011

Mad Men.

So yesterday I had my friends 21st Birthday party

It was "Mad Men" themed!

This Is what I wore

Sorry the photos are a little blurry, It was bad lighting outside and was getting dark!

I opted for the "Mad Men" office look, wear as everyone else was more sixties

which was really annoying when we ended up going out cause I looked as though as I had been at my office job!

Shirt New Look

Skirt Vintage

Belt Primark

Socks Topshop

Shoes Barratts

Thought I wuld show you my freidns hair, its amazing! I will be trying this one soon :)

We ended up going out to the ABC

one of those nights you don't plan on going out, but then do ...

It was so much fun and an amazing school reunion night

I have no money whatsoever and managed to blag my way in for free
plus sneak in some vodka and my camera successfully!


Tomorrow and Tuesday consist of more 12 - 10s at work ... EUGH!

but the Scottish schools are back on Wednesday

so that means I'll won't have to work nearly every day

I can honestly say this summer has sucked ass, again.

Paula .. x