10 August 2011

Nothing Materialistic.

I'm not going to say much tonight

I'm honestly not in the mood to talk Fashion when the world is so crazy today

Alan and I went for dinner(Chiquitos) boke! and then to see Super 8 (Amazing!!!)
(Boke - Scottish for Yuck/Sick/Eww)

and this is what I wore!

Shirt Primark

Top Topshop

Belt Primark

Jeans H&M

Necklace Primark

I wasn't going to say anything about the riots because, well who am I to talk about all the way up her in Scotland? and I hate to give these people scumbags the attention!

But today as I walked to work and Alan and I walked home I felt so grateful to be able to do it safely!And you know the really awful and sad thing, this happens in our country for a few days and its terrible, but this happens everyday single day for some other countries! What a world!

And now its spreading? I don't understand why? Why are people doing this why do they want to?

My friend is in Manchester, which I am watching on TV right now, and shes saying on twitter how scared she is!
I know she'll be reading now, and I'm thinking about her until she is home safe and sound!

Today people were putting things on Facebook about starting Riots in Glasgow.
Some little 16 year old cunt (Yes! CUNT!) has been arrested and will be charged in the morning.

I'm all honesty I think Facebook and Twitter should shut down the UK sites until all this is over, because I think its adding fuel to the flame.

I'm praying and thinking about everyone who is being directly affected by this and they're families who must be worried sick! Also all the police who are out there, and the people who can't get home because of this!

All day I have wished that super heroes did exist!

Sweet Dreams

Lets Hope Tomorrow Is a Better Day!

Paula .. x