30 August 2011

Shoppy, Shop, Shop.

Today Alan and I just went a wonder into Glasgow

and I done a spot of shopping :)

got some winter/autumn stuff

which I'm not unpacking until I move

I only got these photos, I simply wore a lilac body con skirt and a black vest, 1. because I was late! 2. NOTHING GOES WITH MY SHORT HAIR :(

I have liked my hair since I've been using my Babyliss Big Hair but I feel like I look like a boy no matter what!

Coat Topshop

Scarf Alexander McQueen

These were my purchases today! I' super happy!

I got a pair of H&M leather look leggings, I tried the topshop ones one but hmmm, there was something I didn't like, they were however a bargain at £32, why do Topshop do that? some things are really well priced then you get a £42 Basic top! WTF? I already have amazing leather trousers, but they're off to EBay, I really need a 6 rather than an 8 :(

I also got these to long tops from good old Pradmark! I've been lusting after this Topshop one for a few weeks. But £36? NO WAY. So I got these two and my shirt from H&M (Seen Here)

Topshop: £36 Each (Grey + Pink Versions)

Brantastic: £22 Total for both!

£50 Saving!!!

I also bought some sheer fabric in order to make a DIY maxi skirt.
Again I'm not paying for the Topshop one!

Topshop: £39

Brantastic: £2.49
(and half an hour of my time!)

£36.51p Saving!!!

I also bought some moving stuff :)

A big laundry bag and a little P for my door :D

and a cute door knob for when I make this 

Also also also!

DYING to dye my hair pink!

What do you think?

Tomorrow I am meeting the girls from college to go for lunch


I will hopefully get lots of fashionable photos from my fashion girls!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x