3 August 2011

So Much To Discuss.

First off I have been starting to pack my life up into boxes

so my face has looked like this ...


Whilst packing I cam across some of my shock horror fashion moments from the past

The worst thing is that I have kept both of these!

They will be great for Halloween!


So today we ventured into the west end for a wee trek round the vintage shops!

Damn my strict budget!

I found the most adorable 50s (Kids) dress that I could not believe fitted me!

Alas, I had to leave it in the shop

and I swear I shed a tear as I left :(

Keep  the noise down PWEEZ!

z z z z z  ...

OMG! How amazing is this!!

At first I just though it was a table
but then looking closer the machine was tucked up in a little compartment inside!

I went in to ask about how much it was on my way out but it was gone!

It was on sale in this truly amazing little store called Relics!

It sell everything you could ever think of and more!

and it sold this amazing bar!

I so so so wanted this for my new house

porn star chic haaaa

Now, I want to get a little serious!

In the news recently there has been a story about kids becoming anorexic as young as five!

eating disorders are something that I care a lot about

I have never dealt with it myself

but I've seen people I love dearly go through it and it broke my heart!

so that's why I am so thankful for how I look

I'm by no means at all perfect
but I think people can be ungrateful when other people have real issues
eating disorders, illness, disabilities or disfigurements

As usual the papers put this down to the pictures people see in magazines

I know that's unobtainable, and quite frankly I think grown up should know better

we know its airbrushed!

but I can see why children can be more ceptable to this!

I don't know if many blogs edit they're photos too much

but there are some blogs were you're like

"no way can you be that gorgeous"

so I think bloggers also have a duty to tell the truth!

That's why ...

for a little bit of fun at my expense :)

This is a photo of what I ACTUALLY look like




perhaps I'm brave,

or stupid


anyways the moral of the story is, this is real!

I don't look good! lol

I need my make up, and hair extensions to feel better about myself

and that's fine!

that's human, the pictures in magazines and on TV is all perfection

and being perfect is over rated!

I want my blog to show me as a real person!

I have days were I feel fat, and ugly, and grumpy, and just generally a bit shit

but everyone has those days!


Ahhhh rant over!

I will hopefully have a post tomorrow

but it won't be till later at night after work!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x