11 August 2011

To Do List.


My brain is fried!

I am so stressed out with moving,
I've never done this before I've lived in the same house for 21 years!

I have so much to do and still don't know what my room is like
so I have no idea what to take and leave!
and while I'm excited about the new adventure I've never been without my mum to help me out with things like, the bank, and technical legally type stuff! 

Signing contracts and paying bills! Ahh I still feel way to young for this!

This is my To Do List for tomorrow

I make hundreds of these a week
(I have a perfectly capable Blackberry that I could use, but I'm old fashioned like that!)

As well as all this Alan has spent the WHOLE DAY at the fringe drinking with the boys ...

So tomorrow I'm going to enjoy watching him suffer
through an early game of badminton with me

We'll see if he makes it ...

This will also be my first time in a gym ever! What to wear ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x