8 August 2011

So Very English.

Today was fun, nothing too exciting but still nice

I took my two little cousins to see Mr Poppers Penguins

Which was actually good, just because I love penguins :)

So since I've been home I've just had some dinner and done some more packing

I'm like Joey and Chandler at the moment
(when Ross moves in and they build a box fort)

This is one of my all time favourite dresses!

I wear it loads and you can wear it anytime! any seasons! and with anything, it works with almost everything in my wardrobe!

When I was at school I used to hate sheer tights, they reminded me of prostitutes for some reason!
But now I love them, and they saved me today when I went outside and it was considerably more chilly than I anticipated.

I also always seem to team this dress with a bowler hat, how very English :)

Dress Topshop

Tights Primark

Belt Primark

Hat River Island

Ring Dorothy Perkins

I'm always getting asked about how I get my hair up in a bun

So here is how I do it

Now I do it with hair extensions! but if your hair is long enough you can use the same method

Step One
Put your hair up in a high pony at the top of your head

Step Two
Take you extensions and clip them around your ponytail.
I use 3 (3 clip) strips. If you use too much hair it won't work.
So start of with 1 strip and work up until it works.

So it should look like this!

Step 3
Now take your bun, I use one that has buttons at either side because its much easier to use. You can get them anywhere that sells hair products.
Just take the tip of you hair and roll it INWARDS (Towards the bobble)

Step 4
Once you get to the bottom just clip the bun at the back and pull the hair round
and just clip in place with Kirbie's.

for a more messed up bun pull your hair loose at the front and on the bun once your done.

Its that easy :)

Tomorrow I have work and then Alan and I are going for dinner and a movie!

I am sick of the cinema but honestly I'm just excited that we're having a "Date Night" :)

Although I wish there was a Nandos in my town :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x