31 August 2011

Wonderful Day.

Today I bounced out of bed at the first bleep of my alarm!

I was so excited for lunch with my college friends

I'm still in shock that we managed to get the five of use together!

I haven't seen a few of them for ages and it was so so so much fun to catch up!

I've just been so happy all day :D

Night Dress Victoria's Secret (2005)

We met for lunch which was a great catch up

except for the waiter yelling at me for putting on nail polish, oops! lol

Then we headed to do some final Brad Pitt spying as the filming is ending tomorrow, which is really sad!

The city looks to cool!

The Dark Knight Rises is being filmed here this year too ...


Joseph Gordon Levitt IN GLASGOW ...
omg omg omg omg <3

This topshop dress is one of my all time favourites, (Seen Here) its very Florence and the machine, it was expensive, I think £50? and its been copied by every store on the high street, but I think this original one is always the best, the colour is stunning. and now I'm glad I splashed out, however this is a 6 but I wish I had waited a little longer for a petite one, could always take it up a teeny bit though.

This Scarf? (I have no idea the real name of these) I got in Manchester last year, I only removed the tag today and I have no idea why I haven't worn it. They have a similar one in H&M just now, but this one was only a few pounds. YEY!

I wore this look as I have decided it is definitely now Autumn! So this is the first taste of my new cosy wardrobe

Dress Topshop

Faux Fur Miss Selfrige

Leather Jacket Zara

Boots Primark

Bag EBay

Earrings Tammy

Ring Topman

and ...

lookit what I did :D

This colour is waaaaay darker than anticipated!

but I love it!

It will wash out in a few washes so I'm not stuck with it for long, but can re do it as I please :D

So my friend Nicola has started a blog!

I'm so happy and excited!

Nic is such a fashionista in every sense of the word!

shes moving to London in a few weeks for Uni
(We were going to go down together but then I didn't re apply for London this year, boo)
 So this will be a great way to see how shes doing!

Shes just starting out just now so look out for her
but follow her because I promise once her blog is set up it will be Uh-Maze-Zingggg!

Hi Nic <3

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x