12 September 2011

First Day at Uni.

Please ignore the wierd faces I am pulling in these "Lunch Hour Photos"

Its hard to crack a smile when your feeling the way I am!

I'm fed up of feeling sad, I'm never sad :/

This is what I wore to my first ever day at Uni :D

I'm studying International Fashion Retailing
Its a textile and fashion school and honestly its like being at fashion week!
Shopping at Tescos is like a runway!

This dress I got after hunting in every River Island in Scotland for a 6, which paid off, I love it,
although I am going to cut the skirt shorter 

I added the scarf as I wasn't sure about the all black
just because my mood is black doesn't mean I should look like a goth

Today was yet another disaster!

1. I sat in the wrong first lecture for an hour ... my class had been moved to 10am and I sat till then in a design lecture, have an anurism because "WTF! ... I don't do design!" ahhh die!

2.All the people on my floor are French and sit in the kitchen ALL NIGHT so I'm too intimidated to go in and make food because one of them challenged me as to why I had put food in the cuboard? Leave me alone!

3. I locked myself out for 25 minuets!

4. My mug has broke so I can'thave any caffine!

5.Some idiot burnt toast causing us to be stuck outside in the freezing wind and rain for 45 minuets

I just feel rotten!
I will laugh one day!

One the good side!

I met the girls in my class today and they seem really sweet!
Like seriously welcoming and friendly and just made u newbies feel welcome straight away!
Since there are only 12 of us it just feels like college again!
Doesn't seem as scary!

Dress River Island

Hat River Island

Scarf Vinatge

Necklace PinkyPins.com

Belt Vinatge (Creative Chaos)

Here are just some photos of my new room
which I am slowly but surely turning into a little home!

Tommorow I think Alan and I might meet in Edinburgh

If we do I'm so excited!

and glad I've got something to look forward to!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x