29 September 2011

Halls are Boring.

My first whole weekend in Gala

and I'm sooooo bored!

Miss Glasgow so much I hate that I can't just go a walk or meet my friend or anything!

Even to bored to blog!

I'm forcing myself to do it right now!

whats that all about!

I got my Harry Potter wage in so went a little mini shopping spree!

Got another AA hoody, shocking pink girly one :)

Also this little embellished shrug which I can't wait to wear!

and these cut little flip flops for the shower in halls :)
50p niceeee!

and this amazing little lace number in the H&M sale!

Its very Carolyn Flack!
I've been watching extra factor and she is a BABE!
I think I have a thing for indie girls with ombre hair lol

I also bought some shoes which I will show you
(And tell you the story of them)
when they arrive :)

This  is what I wore on route home the other day!

I love these leather trousers, but I think I will crop them to make me look taller hehe!

I do have another pair I need to sell

I just prefer these ones

and this top I have for year but cut it all up the night before because I have no winter clothes in my house!

Top H&M (DIY'd)

Trousers H&M

Scarf Alexander McQueen

Necklace Primark

So yesterday was the warmest day ever!!! Hallelujah!

So thank god I had some summer stuff at home to wear!

Alan and I went for a lovely walk!

He leaves for Cambridge tonight

I'm so proud of him! :D

Top Primark

Jeans George at ASDA

Necklace Can't Remember

Bag Mums

Sandals River Island

No idea what I have in store tomorrow!

hopefully something fun :\

in Gala though I'm not so sure!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x