11 September 2011

The Little Princess.

Well I'm finally moved in!

My rooms almost "Princess Standard" lol

Its honestly been one of the thoughest things I have ever done in my life!

People who move for uni and things at 17 are so brave,
I'm 21 and have cried every 10 minuets for the last few days!

I know it will all be OK eventually
but leaving all my family and friends and Alan for this new alien adventure is awful!

I've lived in my little town my whole life

and so far no one here understand my accent, or sense of humour ...
They are mega friendly though :)

And from the age of 10 I've said I was moving for Uni/Work and no that I have it feels as if I've decided it on a whim! Which of course I haven't!

I had a leaving night on Thursday in town!

It was amazing but so emotional!
Great to see all my old friends and the girls from college who honestly have become my best friends! :'(
My friend done this last year so he gave me some great advice and that made me feel tons better

but I know its all going to get worse again when Alan leaves for Cambridge :(

I have no idea what I'm going to do with him!

This is what I wore when travelling down

with a 10 ton case in toe!
Seriously my case must have weighed at leaste 9 stone!

I have no idea why I hated these shorts, but I have brought them down with me after wearing them
I'm thinking of teaming them with tight necked shirts

Top Lady Gaga Merch

Shorts Primark

Belt Vintage (Got From Creative Chaos)


This was what I wore into town for me and Alan's last day of fun before I moved down

its so easy to decide what to wear when you don't have your usual 600 choices!

I really loved this look.

I think its simple and classy without looking too old

I teamed it up with my new ultra girly black winter pumps, which make me feel like I'm in that movie "The Little Princess"

I also wore my trench coat with my black leather jacket with the cuffs rolled up
so it looked like the sleeves were leather, like the amazing Topshop version that is far to long for me :'(

Alan shouts at me in shops because I hug the clothes
he says the sales people are looking at me
but I'm sure they understand

Dress Primark

Belt Vintage (Creative Chaos)

Hat New Look

Bag Chanel Rep

Shoes Primark

This is just a sneak peak of my room

I'll get some more photos up tomorrow once its all finished

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x