17 October 2011

Hair Hell.


Finally back!
Been MIA the past few days
due to living in Student halls with extremely shit Internet!

and due to extremely shit hair I haven't been up for having my photo taken

on the upside I think I am ordering new hair extensions this week
so hopefully I will feel back to normal again!

speaking of hair extensions, I was expecting to get new ones in December

but my hair currently looks ratty

So I am faced with a dilemma ...

1) New hair extensions but maintain the ombre hair?
2) New extenions but go back to blonde?


3) Do I keep this fringe?
4) Go back to my full fringe?


should I base the colour on the fringe I choose?

any advice would be very appreciated

Currently hating all my clothes at the moment to

I need to get out of this whole

Tights. Dress. Leather Jacket. Done.

rut that I'm currently trapped in!

Dress New Look

Belt Internacionale

Necklace Topman

Bracelet H&M

I'm now off uni for the next few days :)

but I can't go home as I'm off down to Cambridge for the weekend on Friday :D

I'm so excited!!

I can finally get some decent photos instead of these badly lit tripod shots

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x