10 October 2011

Home and Loving It.

So its been an interesting week

first whole weekend in Gala was a disaster

so this weekend I am home :)

I love it, I love being surrounded by familiar faces and places!

Although Alfie is driving my insane!
one minuet hes all happy to see me and all cuddles
the next hes hissing at me
then hes all over me and won't leave me alone!
eugh worse than a child!

I bought this top after seeing Caroline Flack wearing something similar

now I'm not one for copying what celebs are wearing

but I have a serious addiction with her at the moment

I love her style

she and Olly Murs should definitely make some gorgeous babies

Top Topshop

Necklace Primark

Belt Primark

I went a shopping spree in Glasgow on Saturday

which was soooo weird going without a boyfriend!

I have no one to go to Nandos with!

All the clothes are from New Look

The teen bit was amazing!

The little leopard print dress I was going to buy from Topshop, and I really don't like one shouldered things but for £7 rather than £26 from Toppers
I'll just make sure I wear something over it

Tomorrow I am having dinner with my two best friends!

Its the last supper before my best friend moves to Spain for a year :'(

so it will be emotional to say the leaste!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x