1 October 2011

Summer 2.0.

Yesterday was another lovely weather day :)

I headed into Gala with one of the girls on my floor

Still only seen a little part of the town and still can't find the McDonald's

So more exploring today :)

I have this dress in both colours

its one of my all time favourite dresses

Primark used to have some great dresses and I still keep them
and for the ones that sold out I still search eBay everyday until one crops up
which is what I done with this one after I got it in blue

Dress Primark

Jacket Zara

In Gala there are tons of charity shops, and as its a student village

where 90% of the students are fashion students

there are bound to be some beauts!

Like these two dresses I got!

This is gorgeous but so unlike something I would usually like

I don't like one shoulders

I don't like puffball skirts

I don't  like red and pink

So why do I love this dress?

This dress I was already bidding for on EBay

So getting it for £2.49 made my whole day!

and then the shoes! <3

no explanation needed!


Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x