30 October 2011

What To Do.

Sorry guys for the lack of posts

but in all honesty I've not been myself at all recently

Just feeling run down
I'm stressed with uni
and some family stuff
and I miss my friends
and Alan
and Alfie ...
and in general everything is just a bit sucky at the moment!

I promise I will drag myself out of the dark mood THIS WEEK!

and hopefully get back in control!

I made an surprise visit home this week!

Halls is no fun at the weekend as everyone heads home!

but I haven't done much because all my friends are working!

which sucks ... but I miss work! Not working sucks!

Happy Halloween!

This is my favourite favourite favourite time of year!

and this is the first year I haven't done anything!!

We are however having a Galaween party in halls on Monday!

Which I am so excited about!

we are gona Trick or Treat round our rooms!

So I have some new followers!!! HI GUYS! :D

and I want to ask anyone reading for some help!

I can't decide wither or not to change the layout of writing on my blog or not?

Should I have photos then writing?

Or keep it a is it?

Is it difficult to read this way?

or do you like it?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x