29 November 2011

Lovin Lilac.

Top Vintage

Hat New Look

Boots New Look

Necklace Market Stall

Some quick photos today, I was travelling from Gala, and well looked like shit when I got in. Then I slept and now I can't sleep :\

Today I had my first uni presentation, a group one.
They are crap and I'm glad that's the only group one I have to do, there is always someone who doesn't pull their weight, and there is always tension.
Its especially rough since I've went straight into third year and I've never done a group presentation before.
So I felt really useless and way more stressed than I probably needed to.
So I'm just relieved it over.
Now to work on my next presentation. 

Graduation tomorrow :)
I can't wait to see the guys from college,
I'd give anything to be back at college, or at least have my friends at uni with me lol

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x