1 November 2011


Well the worst ever Halloween is over!

The worst being that its the first year I haven't done anything :'(

I did however dress up a little to go visit my little cousins

who were no impressed with my costume as they didn't know what I was lol!


Dress Vintage

Hairband Primark

I loved my hair like this, maybe its just cause its blonde :D

Cardigan Primark

Stole Primark

Top Zara

Jeans H&M

Necklace Primark 


Finally some decent photos!

Being blonde makes everything better!

These leather trousers are becoming a favourite of mine! I bought them not to sure of them but now I love them!

I also adore this top, I left it at home last time I was home so I was devastated but it has came back to Gala with me.

This Necklace is amazing, another glorious Primark find.
I love Primark jewellery! It never goes pink and the rings don't stain my fingers, un like other certain jewellery, which costs an absolute bomb then goes pink that day ... tut tut Freedom at Topshop!!!

Then my hat :) which I've had loads of compliments about today :)

Top Topshop

Leather Trousers H&M

Hat New Look

Necklace Primark

Rings Primark & Edinburgh Dungeons


So what is Movember?

Its the month of November were men have to grow and sport a moustache for the month!


To raise awareness of Testicular and Prostate Cancer!

I love this!

Such a unique and fun way to raise awareness!

Cancer is actually not something that has personally affected my life

However my life has been affected because someone ignored the symptoms
and didn't go get a check up

I lost my someone because he didn't tell anyone that he was having severe headaches!
2 weeks later he died of a brain hemorrhage
its that easy!

This is a big issue amongst every one!

Check yourself and know your body!

If you find anything, GO SEE A DOCTOR!

please please please, don't be scared or ashamed because it honestly could save you life!

I will be sporting a moustache for the month! :D
I hope you will too!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x