2 November 2011

New Blazer.

Ahhh I slept in today and my wee cleaner had to wake me!

Old habits die hard eh?

I really Like what I wore today! I always liked the long top/jumper over the pleated skint after we seen Miss Bradshaw sporting the look in SATC2 ... I think.

I love this top because of how baggy it is and the white sequins are just something I find quite unusual, kind of 80s maybe?

I also love this blazer I recently got in Cambridge! The shape is amazing and I love the huge collar. It was only available in this colour other wise I would have died for a wine coloured one, or a black one or a white one. I do that though, if I find something I know I will wear again and again I need it in every colour! I should have just bought 2 and dyed on black ... damn!

I got it from one of those cheap "Quiz"esq stores that was closing down,
Rachel calles them "Pure Shite Shops"

And my scarf from Alan :) Seen (Here) ...

Blazer Pure Shite Shop

Top Primark

Skirt Topshop

Scarf Budapest

Necklace Primark

Ring Primark

And my second Moustache of Movember :D

What can I make a Moustache of tomorrow?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x