24 November 2011

No I'm Not Cold.

Dress H&M

Belt Primark

Boots New Look

Rings Edinburgh Dungeons and Primark

I'm back I'm back!
From Friday till literally 2 hours again I was ramming my way through a huge business report.So I haven't been out or days, and the funs not over yet still working solidly until at least next week! So you know were I am guys! Unfortunately the blog has to sit on the back burned for uni ... sigh ...

Anyways. took on two fears today.
1) Wearing heels casually
2) Wearing bear legs!
I  always wear flats because I think girls who wear heels just or the sake of it look like idiots. Then you have girls who wear bare legs when its freezing and I think "God your dumb". I must have got asked a million times today "are you not cold?" and actually I wasn't, which is odd because usually I am always cold. odd.

I got so many compliments on this outfit today
(probably cause no ones seen me dressed or a week)
which was lovely but I get all embarrassed! lol I always say thank you, cause theres nothing worse that someone who can't take a compliment. but yeah I do, get embarrassed, its still nice though :)

Back to work again tomorrow on the next thing.
As of the 9th of December I am free for a month!
... 15 Days! ...
but whos counting?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x