8 November 2011

Real Hair, Feels Fake.

So the weather in Gala, has plummeted!

Scotland is so frustrating, you have to wrap up warm so it means if you wake up and feel like wearing a certain thing, you can't because you will freeze to death

and your hairs always a mess because it rains and is windy EVERY DAY!

I don't know how Scottish bloggers can look so good
where the hell in Scotland do they live?

Anyways today I have worn my, real hair, no hair extensions, ahhhh!

I still hate it, it always seems to be that little bit too short!

It has a 70s kind of feel to it which I like ... but its still not how I want it!

Everyone must feel like that though
I don't think I know anyone who likes their hair the way it is

Appologies for the crappy webcam photos

my camera won't upload my pictures to my laptop, which I am slightly worried about ...

I plan an outfit post tomorrow :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x