20 December 2011

SBM, Round 1.

So as you know yesterday I went to the first Scottish Bloggers Meet!
I've been excited about this for weeks!
I didn't know what to expect, so it was a little daunting at first, but I'm so glad I went now this is a great way to learn about other blogs and meet new people!

We first started at The Counting House (No drink for me though as I had a battle with wine the night before, going to stop saying that I won't have a wild night cause it never works out that way and I break my promises of outfit posts!) anyways ... we sat and got a little chat flowing waiting for everyone to arrive. I couldn't believe how many people turned up! While there we got some little haircare goody bags, which I have given to my sister (Points for me!) so shes chuffed!

We then headed over to Argyle Arcade, were we headed upstairs to The Thrill room of ROX. I had no idea this was here and I drag my friends, and shamelessly my boyfriends into the Argyle Arcade every time I'm in Glasgow! (to show them engagement rings I want ... you never know, he might be the one and if not my friends will know what to show my fiance! Thinking ahead! 
So anyways while in the gorgeous Thrill room we were treated to Moet (Hangover or no hangover I'm not saying no to free champagne) and tea and cakes.
I could get used to this life.
When leaving they also gave us all little ROX goody bags with amazing little earrings inside!

We then headed to the German Market for a wonder before my hangover got the better of me and I headed home. Sad to have missed a wee Monday night out in town but I'll make sure to be in a better state next time, cause there will definitely be a next time. :)

This wonderful day was organised by the equally wonderful Charlene & Rani!
Thanks so guys for a great day I was so impressed! 
Can't wait for the next one!

All the bloggers I met were all lovely and friendly and its great to have some new reading material. I really hope we do have another one with more new faces! So if you are invited to a meet, GO! it might be a little awkward at first but its always great to meet new people and you could learn something!

A huge thankyou to AJC Consultants for our goodybags!
Also thankyou to the lovely girls at ROX Jewellery!

Check out all the other blogs to see photos and how they enjoyed the day :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x