22 December 2011


Dress H&M
Leather Jacket Zara
Coat Barnardo's Boutique
Scarf Stolen From My Sister
Bow H&M
Bracelet H&M
Bag Max C London
Boots New Look

First of all a hugeeeeeee HI to all my new followers!
Definitely something to do with the Scottish Bloggers meet!
I have been so overwhelmed by all these new faces and lovely comments and I plan to check out every new follower blog and reply to comments.
However Alan just came  home yesterday so I plan on making the very most of our two weeks together before he has to go back to Cambridge until Easter :\

So this what what I wore yesterday to pick up Alan from the airport and get some last minuet presents from town.

This dress is another one I can wear any time any season day or night, the best kind of dresses!
The coat is just one of the best things I own, especially brilliant for winter as it keeps all the cold out because it doesn't have any buttons or zips, so unusual and I always get compliments on it.

I am also having a go at this twitter malarky!
Slowly but surely getting the hang of it.
Feel free to say Hi!
You'll know how to find me :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x