31 August 2011

DIY. Sheer Skirt.

I have to go fast as I'm off to work soon!

LAST Orange Wednesday EVER!

So today I jsut sat about doing a few DIYs

Shirt Primark

Jeans Primark

Cardigan H&M

Uggs Primark

My faux leather wire headband :)

and my £2.49 Sheer Maxi :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

Wonderful Day.

Today I bounced out of bed at the first bleep of my alarm!

I was so excited for lunch with my college friends

I'm still in shock that we managed to get the five of use together!

I haven't seen a few of them for ages and it was so so so much fun to catch up!

I've just been so happy all day :D

Night Dress Victoria's Secret (2005)

We met for lunch which was a great catch up

except for the waiter yelling at me for putting on nail polish, oops! lol

Then we headed to do some final Brad Pitt spying as the filming is ending tomorrow, which is really sad!

The city looks to cool!

The Dark Knight Rises is being filmed here this year too ...


Joseph Gordon Levitt IN GLASGOW ...
omg omg omg omg <3

This topshop dress is one of my all time favourites, (Seen Here) its very Florence and the machine, it was expensive, I think £50? and its been copied by every store on the high street, but I think this original one is always the best, the colour is stunning. and now I'm glad I splashed out, however this is a 6 but I wish I had waited a little longer for a petite one, could always take it up a teeny bit though.

This Scarf? (I have no idea the real name of these) I got in Manchester last year, I only removed the tag today and I have no idea why I haven't worn it. They have a similar one in H&M just now, but this one was only a few pounds. YEY!

I wore this look as I have decided it is definitely now Autumn! So this is the first taste of my new cosy wardrobe

Dress Topshop

Faux Fur Miss Selfrige

Leather Jacket Zara

Boots Primark

Bag EBay

Earrings Tammy

Ring Topman

and ...

lookit what I did :D

This colour is waaaaay darker than anticipated!

but I love it!

It will wash out in a few washes so I'm not stuck with it for long, but can re do it as I please :D

So my friend Nicola has started a blog!

I'm so happy and excited!

Nic is such a fashionista in every sense of the word!

shes moving to London in a few weeks for Uni
(We were going to go down together but then I didn't re apply for London this year, boo)
 So this will be a great way to see how shes doing!

Shes just starting out just now so look out for her
but follow her because I promise once her blog is set up it will be Uh-Maze-Zingggg!

Hi Nic <3

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x

30 August 2011

Shoppy, Shop, Shop.

Today Alan and I just went a wonder into Glasgow

and I done a spot of shopping :)

got some winter/autumn stuff

which I'm not unpacking until I move

I only got these photos, I simply wore a lilac body con skirt and a black vest, 1. because I was late! 2. NOTHING GOES WITH MY SHORT HAIR :(

I have liked my hair since I've been using my Babyliss Big Hair but I feel like I look like a boy no matter what!

Coat Topshop

Scarf Alexander McQueen

These were my purchases today! I' super happy!

I got a pair of H&M leather look leggings, I tried the topshop ones one but hmmm, there was something I didn't like, they were however a bargain at £32, why do Topshop do that? some things are really well priced then you get a £42 Basic top! WTF? I already have amazing leather trousers, but they're off to EBay, I really need a 6 rather than an 8 :(

I also got these to long tops from good old Pradmark! I've been lusting after this Topshop one for a few weeks. But £36? NO WAY. So I got these two and my shirt from H&M (Seen Here)

Topshop: £36 Each (Grey + Pink Versions)

Brantastic: £22 Total for both!

£50 Saving!!!

I also bought some sheer fabric in order to make a DIY maxi skirt.
Again I'm not paying for the Topshop one!

Topshop: £39

Brantastic: £2.49
(and half an hour of my time!)

£36.51p Saving!!!

I also bought some moving stuff :)

A big laundry bag and a little P for my door :D

and a cute door knob for when I make this 

Also also also!

DYING to dye my hair pink!

What do you think?

Tomorrow I am meeting the girls from college to go for lunch


I will hopefully get lots of fashionable photos from my fashion girls!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

25 August 2011

Cycle Shorts.

Trying a different shed in my hair again today

I think I prefer this to yesterdays

I'll still try more though, I think the problem is my forehead, its quite huge!

I had about 10 outfits on today before I chose this!!

I'm happy with the choice as I love my cycle shorts and this top is a lovely fabric so is comfy to sit around in all day
It was sunny today but I didn't want to go out all floral and summery in case the weather changed, so this along with my leather jacket was a happy medium

We had a big family day as my cousins are up from England, so I had to be comfortable while running around with 3 dogs and 6 kids!

I love family days like this, I'll really miss it when I leave

My aunt just made a huge huge pot of pasta and everyone just dug in
but it was funny as myself and two cousins (Who are in our 20s and 30s) still got put at the kids table!

Top Urban Outfitters

Shorts Primark

Earrings Tammy

Shoes River Island

I picked up these earring today while helping my mum look at home ware stuff

I used to shop in Tammy when I was a kid
I was so chuffed when I got all these  earrings for 50p each!

Its 3 weeks yesterday till I leave!

Still nothing is done, or packed or organised!

I suck!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

Big Metal Flowers.

As soon as I get paid I'm planning to get a trim

wondering if I should get a kind of seventies fringe, or a full fringe and just part it?
or should I just keep styling it like this?
I'm not sure how I feel about it
I will keep styling it like this and see if I get used to it

also still wanting to return to blonde ASAP!

I've had this top litterally for years, and I actually tought I had threw it out
but finding it in the wardrobe I really liked the autumn colours so decided to team it up with my maxi for an outfit that I think is good for this transition period, not quite summery but not to autmny and out of place either.

I think everyone struggles with this Summer to Autumn transition each year.

but this year I am embracing it rather than dredding it!

I can't wait for Autumn!

Top Peacocks

Skirt Primark

Belt Primark

Rings Primark

Earrings Topshop

I got a little blog snap of Alan in his new jumper

its very Christmassy, but I think the colour will work well in his winter wardrobe!

he then questioned as to what a winter wardrobe is, why he would need one and just general questions of someone who doesn't really care :)


Also yesterday I headed over to my friends for dinner
which then turned into a gorgeous 3 course Mexican feast, and 3 empty bottles of wine
its lovely to get a night in with the girls and let off some steam!

Tomorrow I don't have any plans
but I will get up and dressed and not have a lazy day :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x