28 January 2012

Bargain of the Year.

I should sue the dentist who done my braces, teeth are a bloody mess. Hiya Adult Braces!
Does anyone have them?
How expensive is it?

Top Topshop
Necklace Primark
Ring Primark

When I got home from Gala yesterday I headed out to throw CVs at every shop hiring, fingers crossed something comes up! I am so skint just now, like everyone else in January I can't barely afford to eat let alone enjoy myself. But on the wander I spotted £5 on the ground (I ALWAYS find money, and always seems to happen when I'm really skint lol) so after I had a look around to see if anyone could have dropped it no one was around, so on opening the £5 note it was actually 2 £5 notes YES! So I went to buy some violet shampoo as I couldn't afford to buy a new one (I am so white trash at the moment)

Then me and my mum ran some errands about town. We headed into this little charity shop near my house which I never knew was there, and on walking in the door I spotted this bike! I've been after a bike for ages now but they are so expensive so when I spotted the £3 sticker on it I bought it there and then. (YES £3!!!!!!!!!!!!) Literally the best bargain I have ever got!
The plan now is to paint it pink and get some wicker baskets for the front and back! <3

I also nabbed this little plastic basket bag for 20p and the little Long Champ-Esq bag for 50p.
Best charity shop ever! 

On Thursday night one of the Girls had a wig party for her 21st, I couldn't afford a wig so I was a wee bore and couldn't play along, however the rest of the girls looked fantastic and we had such a fun night, not something I usually say for Gala.

I wore this dress which I have had for years but only turned it to a size 6 from a 12 a few weeks ago so this was its first outing. I really like it, I'm not usually one for one shouldered things but somehow on this dress it works. But my sewing skills need some more worse as it burst 10mins into the night, nightmare.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x