18 January 2012

Fashion School Dropout.

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I hate Uni, and I don't know wither or not to leave. I hate my course its not beneficial at all. I only mention this because I have no Idea what I should do. So I'd love to hear some opinions from people who hate uni, or left and regretted it or stayed and regretted it? I know I only have a 12 weeks left but I wake up every morning absolutely dreading going in. I have no interest, I don't listen, I have no motivation or drive to work, which is so unlike me, I'm one of those people everyone hates who has her work handed in early and goes 397585 words over word count.

I also want to start getting lots of fashion work experience and internships because It would be way more beneficial at this point.

Anyways any help would be appreciated!

I slept in today so this was a 45 min rush out the door ...
Shower/Hair Dry/Hair Extensions/Tan/Make Up/Getting Dressed usually takes about 2 hours ... yes 2 hours, don't start!
However despite being late I had one of those good hair and make up days, typical.

I quite like this kind of look since I seen SJP wear it in SATC The Movie, you know the baggy top over a pleated skirt. Its still stylish but comfortable.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x