4 January 2012

Jessica Lilly.

Blazer Primark
Top Topshop
Jeans H&M
Rings Primark & Dorothy Perkins
Plimsolls New Look

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Wearing loads of favourites today :)

I was really casual and comfortable today, stayed in all day as it was 1452624235 mile an hour winds today and as per usual the whole of Scotland came to a standstill! Was pretty scary though I was up at 8am to rescue Alfie from the garden and then got kept awake because I honestly thought that my windows were going to cave in!

Last night I had to take my nails off :( back to my wee stubby fingers, which I have bitten away already! I will get over biting my nails this year!

As you can see my hair is still wavy <3
I slept with my hair extensions in last night which is good as my hair was still intact today so I didn't have to redo it but since I had so many people excited about it I thought I'd just go over it to tidy it up a bit :)

The waves are courtesy of Remington Pearl Pro Styler (Video) which I got for Christmas from my little sister. I had wanted the Babyliss Wave Envy stylers so I was going to return them and get the Babyliss ones, but I gave them a try and well, I'm hooked.

They were odd to get used to as I am used to curlers but once you get it its easy.
They come with a little glove to protect you hands, USE IT!
I was a smart arse and now my hands are a mess!

I also think its a more natural look than the Wave Envys! 

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x