14 January 2012

Knitted Leather.

Leggings H&M
Top H&M
Shoes Primark
Necklaces Primark & Dorothy Perkins
Ring Internacionale

This is what I wore yesterday one route home from Gala. After saying I couldn't come home till my birthday due to having no money at all! I managed to hitch a ride and well jumped at the chance to come home!

My hair like this is amazing as its so easy to wear to bed and I don't have to touch it in the morning. Bonus when I have uni at 9am after a booze fuelled evening the the night before, which I'm getting to old for as I now get hangovers regularly!

This top I have had for ages and I have no idea what prompted me to wear it today? Maybe I was still drunk or something so I didn't care what I threw on, it came out OK in the end though.

As I only decided I was coming home 5 minuets before I left I have literally threw anything in my bag that would fit so god only knows what I have for the weekend.

My sister just passed her driving test so today we are having a sister bonding day trip to Ikea. Like I say I have ZERO funds but we while just run around and maybe she will treat me to a hot dog :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x