3 January 2012

Pink Blazzza.

Dress Primark
Blazer Primark
Belt Primark
Stole New Look
Jacket Primark
Ring Primark
Bracelet Christmas Gift
Shoes New Look (Both)

The debut of my new hair do! I love it I've have straight hair my whole life, something other long for but not me, I wanted big wavy hair my whole life and now I have it! I will show you all how ... tomorrow :)

Yesterday was a lazy day, which I used to alter a load of dresses I've had hidden in my wardrobe for years! This dress was one of them. I originally bought it to wear to T in The Park last year, but I never went and the dress never got worn. I like it because it reminds me of the dresses I used to wear when I was a kid in the 90s. Its so light and flowy, perhaps more suited for summer though? but who am I to follow the rules.

Also, the hunt for a pink blazer I like is FINALLY over! I got this little beaut today and had to shove it on right away because it was freezing, the snow is coming. Its a great salmon pink colour and not too long in the body which is great for me, its also a lovely thick material like my other favourite blazer, and not too "Blazery" and flimsy.

The little blue plimsolls are another recent buy (thankyou Christmas money) and I had to change into them when I got home, I love my leather moccasins but man they pinch. The plimsolls are amazing, I worn my old white one the other day and they are the comfiest shoes ever, and they go with anything.

That's the blog into its THIRD year! Ahh I can't believe I've stuck with it!
Thank you all so much for reading its been so much fun to do and I've met some lovely people through it and learnt loads!
Happy 2012!
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x