21 January 2012

Rosie Posey.

Dress Topshop

Another weekend back home, my roommate it so good at convincing me not to stay in Gala! So anyways I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of not having a job, not only for having some money, but I really miss having a job and somewhere to go and having people to talk to. So the CV is all written up and ready to be dispatched! Wish me luck!!

I'm checking the H&M website everyday in the vain hope the one of the hundreds of H&Ms in Glasgow will soon be looking for staff. I'd love to work for H&M because I love the company so much, River Island too. I'd avoid Topshop because I can't really shop there on my budget so I'm constantly in a price battle with them, but I still think Topshop is an amazing British company which has helped to completely change the British High street, and British fashion, but still If I worked there I would want to work in the head office rather than be a sales assistant or something, because I'd just want loads of stuff I couldn't have :( I'd also LOVE to work for a Scottish Fashion brand! The prospect of potentially moving to England has seriously made me realise how much I love this country and how proud I am of it (That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with England! England's fine!) So working with a Scottish brand like Cruise would be amazing. Glasgow in Particular is becoming so influential in the fashion world, for years huge companies such as Chanel and Vivienne Westwood have worked with tiny Scottish Mills to source leather, cashmere and tartan, something most people probably didn't know about. Finally however Scotland is making waves! With the birth of fantastic designers creating new innovative brands and collections (Chouchou Couture and Obscure Couture) to name the most well know at the moment. Scotland is going to grow and grow in the fashion world and if I could be a part of that, WOW! Ahhh Excitement!

Anyways I decided not to bring any clothes home with me from Gala as I actually have more clothes here that I have there so I bring stuff home and then end up wearing stuff that's already here, its stupid. I found this dress hiding in the back of my wardrobe which I left in there as one of my summer dresses but its fine if I wear it with all black. Its actually a size 10 (I'm a 6 ... 8 at a push) but I wanted it so badly at the time that I just dealt with it, might try to source a smaller one soon.

You can totally see the big square of my back were I can't reach to do my tan. When will someone invent something to solve this? lol!
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x