15 January 2012

That Leather Pleated Skirt.

Top Topshop
Skirt Primark
Jacket Zara
Stole New Look
Necklace Primark
Earrings Tammy

Today we headed to IKEA, its no were near as big as I remember it only took us about 2 hours to get around, it seemed so much longer when I was a kid.

Today when I got up I just couldn't be bothered, hence why the hair is pulled up.

I got this skirt for Christmas, its not really something I would normally wear and to be honest I might just put it on EBay now because I don't know what else to wear with it now? 

Everyone is going crazy over my jacket now that I have attached my stole to it. Its the same leather jacket I wear almost every day yet I only get compliments on it now. Everyone keeps saying how expensive and unique it looks, so I'm super chuffed. Just a little change like adding some faux fur can make a huge difference.


This is the LLYMLRS skirt that everyone has been going crazy about.
I seen it in Primark months ago and to be honest I wasn't impressed, since then I've obviously seen Lilly wear it and it looks so much more expensive than Primark so today I found one, and I was chuffed.
However ... I went by the hanger rather than the label and its actually a size 14 instead of and 8. FAIL.

I'm a size 6 and its actually not too big on me, since it has an elastic waist band it would be so easy to make smaller.

But I tried it on and it doesn't really suit me.

So I've decided to put it on EBay instead as I knew loads of bloggers were hunting the country for it.

I decided EBay was the safest, easiest and fairest way to get rid of it.

Happy Bidding Guys!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x