17 January 2012

Tiny Shorts.

Dress Primark
Shorts Primark
Belt 2nd Hand
Necklace Primark

I haven't mentioned yet but when I was back home at the weekend my laptop broke, so I am currently using my netbook for posts which is annoying as my net book doesn't have an editing feature. I don't really edit my photos other than crop them and lighten them if they are dark ... I'm too lazy to edit.

I found these shorts in my wardrobe today and they follow me about like a bad smell, i'm pretty sure I've thrown them out at leaste 3 times now but somehow they re appear. So from time to time when I'm not in a bad witht them they will get out of the wordrobe. As I had pulled them high today I thought they made my legs look longer, which is what you need when your only 4'8. Then seeing the photos I took this moring I have since changed my mind and they make my legs look awful, back in the bin they go ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x