7 January 2012


Hi everyone
No posts today as I've spent the last two days in bed :\
Hopefully one tomorrow!

Hi to all my new followers!!
Hit the 100 mark! WOW!
Thank you so much its amazing!! :D

I just want to ask everyone that if they are going to follow my Twitter account to follow:


I have two accounts
A personal one!
A blog one!

and I want to keep them separate as I don't want any of my friends to find out about the blog.

Weird eh?

While at the Scottish Bloggers Meet almost all the girls, myself included, said that none of our friends knew about our blogs?

Does everyone do this?

Why are we so comfortable to let the world see our lives/thoughts/opinions yet when it comes to our friends we want privacy?

For me I don't mind a few friends seeing, but there is always that fear of someone you don't want to see it will, someone who will make fun, someone who will judge, an ex, an old school bully, an enemy or worse the friends of an enemy!

I'd love to hear more opinions on this!

Also I'd like to thank Leanne Marie for my lovely mention on her blog

Thanks Honey!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x