13 February 2012

2 For 1.

Top Primark
Skirt Topshop
Hat H&M
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)
Necklace Internacionale
Boots Internacionale

Excuse the crap photos I was just too excited to get to use my new phone.

I said bye bye to my Blackberry (Never Again) and joined the rest of the world in getting a touch screen phone ... which I cannot use yet, I really suck with technology, 2 months in and I'm just getting the hang of Twitter ... however in 3 days I have got a healthy Angry Birds addiction, and how did I function without apps? Awesome!

So this was what I wore yesterday while packing to come home
(can't really call it packing when I had to stop every 5 mins to lie down for an hour due to the longest hangover of my life)
I've never worn this hat before even though I have had it for years but everyone kept saying it was cute (maybe it just looked good in comparison to my hungover whitey face ...)

Dress Topshop
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)

This was what I wore for a night out on Saturday night.

The cause of the hangover from beyond hell!

I'm loving my black lipstick, I don't even care if it looks stupid I love it, It looks so gothic, just have to be careful of lippy teeth, might end up looking like someone off Jeremy Kyle ...

Remember when Topshop used to only have one of each size (maybe two) of a garment per store? I used to love that, this dress was one of those items that I knew there would only be one in my size in store when I came in so I went into Topshop EVERYDAY after college for 2 months, just to get it, and the day it came in I was soooooo happy! and I will never get rid of this dress for that sole reason.

Topshop have what seems like unlimited amounts of garments in store now, so when you go out wearing something new you see 400 girls in the same dress. Its so sad. Obviously it would have been silly to keep it the old way as they must have been losing sales. Personally however I think it has affected their image, its just so, Mainstream? now. (maybe not the right word but hopefully you'll understand)

It seems like I bash Topshop on here all the time lol.
I actually love Topshop, I just think its changed a lot and is too expensive for what it is ... Still an amazingly fascinating company though, and I'm always proud of the fact that its a British company. 

I'm now home for 2 whole weeks and I'm so so so so HAPPY!

I'll hopefully keep myself mega busy and have lots to show you :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

P.S. I'd like to say a big thankyou to Miki for the wee award on her blog!
Check her and her other recommendations out, they're awesome too!

Thanks Babe! x