9 February 2012

Chelsea Boots.

Jeans Tammy
Shirt New Look
Blazer Primark
Bow Tie Primark
Boots Internacionale

Today just started off awful, I slept in and had 30 mins to get ready (resulting in me tanning from the boobs upwards) and then running out the door only to go into class and fail an assessment, then my camera fell and my remote control broke, a self photo taking bloggers worst nightmare! At that point I had to laugh, just one of those days lol.

These photos are just awful but I just wanted to put something up since I was wearing the first new thing I've bought in months. My new Chelsea Boots :)
Been looking for a pair for ages and finally got a pair I like and that fit well without a huge heel.

On the up side tomorrow I finish Uni for 2 weeks!!
I get to go home for 2 whole weeks in which time I have an Event, My Birthday, a Concert and a visit from Alan!!!! I'm so excited!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x