14 February 2012

Cosy V.Day.

Tights Primark
Jumper Primark
Dress H&M
Scarf Pringle

Happy Valentines Day ... I absolutely hate this day, always have always will. No I'm not single and yes I probably am just a bah humbug (or the valentines day equivalent) but I just find it so cringe and forced. Bleh. I hope all of you who do celebrate it though have had a lovely day :)

I've actually had a great day :D

I actually wore a VDay themed outfit, as you can see with my wee sheer heart tights, and slashes of red, Just the right amount of cheese I think :)

As you can see also I have no hair extensions in ... well I don't have any long ones in. Just kept my short ones in to give my natural hair a bit of volume. I really like it and might try not to wear my hair extensions during the day, just for nights out. We'll see how long that lasts.

Did anyone see Gemma from TOWIES wig thing? I'm dying to get one of those. What was it?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x