1 February 2012

Gagas Back.

Dress Primark
Necklace Primark
Bracelet Vintage

As you can see the "Gaga" fringe is back, I'm so happy I actually liked the middle parting until I seen pictures and I much prefer it this way. I usually only go to my hair dresser as shes the only person in the world I trust with my hair, but as I am still so skint I decided just to go get a trim at the college salon next to uni. Scary stuff eh? But she done a great job! Not bad for £5.

I have had this dress for about two years, and this is only the third time I have worn it. I really love the leopard print on the dress as its so big and bold a print and doesn't look cheap compared to some other leopard prints. Purple is also a colour I don't really wear much either (I built up this idea when I was a kid that purple was the enemy of pink, and still to this day I avoid it a bit, weird.)

Wearing this necklace again, it just goes with everything!

I'm really going to get back on top of blogging.
Commenting more, reading more and getting the hang of tweeting!
So if your leaving a comment leave the link to your blog, I love finding new gems!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x